Sustainably without waste

Our farm has been designed to maximize biomass production and in the future be a closed loop that can produce its own fertility.

We are committed to our environment and as such create minimal production waste.

The farm is powered by a grid connected PV solar system that produces 3 times our power consumption.

Produce grown without nasties

We plan our planting cycles carefully to  increase our productivity without the use of chemicals. Companion planting, crop rotation and timing play a key role.

We are evolving a 'beyond organic' production system. 

Many inputs that are permissible within certified organic production have been removed as we feel these inputs reduce the ecosystem complexity and its population genetics.

Animals raised ethically

Our animals are raised with respect to their characteristic behavior. 

The chickens are allowed to range freely, scratching for bugs/seeds, dust bathing etc. Given they are forest dwelling animals it is our goal to provide the conditions they desire. 

We recruited the pigs and their expressed 'pigness' to prepare our garden beds. Their ability to remove deep rooted couch grass is secondary to none. 

The pigs are excellent macro-composters turning excess zucchinis into manure with great pleasure.

Our sheep have been given the task of developing the complexity of our pastures. Through a holistic grazing system the sheep encourage deep rooting perennial herbage rather than simplified annual grasses.

We have planted thousands of native and exotic plants to create a constant pollen/nectar supply for the powerhouse of pollinators......our bees.