Bio intensive vegetable production


Whilst developing the farm we were managing a native plant propagation nursery but we were finding the planting season becoming narrower and with the addition of three cherubs to our family we needed a more regular crop cycle. 

We were already selling plants at the farmers market and the opportunity to produce vegetables became apparent. 

We are developing a 'Bio-Intensive' production system following systems of people such as Curtis Stone 'The Urban Farmer'. 

This system is very intense and more like a highly productive backyard veggie garden than a farm. 

We mostly grow open pollinated heirloom vegetable varieties, these plants are by far more resilient with the produce being better tasting than the modern hybrids. 

By design we have implemented many permaculture concepts and have stepped further towards the work of Peter Andrews and 'Natural Sequence Farming' (NSF) by implementing a soil hydrating design. 

A key of NSF is to 'let all plants grow' to really build soil fertility, yes this means weeds. We are taking this concept a little further by planting areas with deep rooted perennial plants that behave like weeds and will bring nutrients up from deep in the sub soil. 

We are currently propagating plants to vegetate the dam to make it more of a constructed wetland.