Somewhere along the way we as a society have lost our connection with the food we eat. The vast majority of consumers have no idea of where or how it is grown. We have become accustomed to having fruit and vegetables available all year around regardless of season. This demand has changed farming in many ways. For the commercial industry aesthetics, storage and transportability are prioritised rather than taste and nutrition.

We, at Weemala natural farms are passionate about re introducing our community to concepts and  expectations surrounding seasonality, growing climate, asthetics and importantly taste and flavour of fruit and vegetables.

Weemala Natural Farms is a small 30 acre diverse regenerative family farm.

The farm has been designed to not only be 'sustainable' but more importantly to aggregate fertility to repair the mistakes made in the past. 

We are not certified Organic but our practices exceed that required for certification. 

The main reason we have chosen not to proceed with certification at this time is that there is a requirement that all the inputs be certified, subsequently we would be unable to use local materials in our production system. 

This means we could not get tree mulch from our local arborist, we could not buy local grain for the pigs, couldn't use our neighbours horse manure, couldn't retrieve vegetable waste from the supermarket etc.

Subsequently we would have to truck all these materials from potentially 1000's kilometers away.  Does this make any sense?

But rest assured we use NO pesticides on our farm. 


Why choose Weemala Natural Farms?

  • Know your farmer-  The product you buy is produced by us from paddock to plate, so you know exactly where your produce comes from. 
  •  Low carbon footprint -Everything is grown by us on site. Whenever possible we source our materials and equipment locally. We use little to no packaging, the packaging we do use is either paper, or genuine cellophane, both completely bio- degradable 
  •  Local and fresh as you can get- Fruit and veggies are picked and packed promptly with care ensuring you receive the freshest, nutrient dense, flavourful produce possible 
  • For your healthsake-We grow our produce without the use of chemicals, so you can be confident that you and your family are safe from nasty chemical residues.

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